Thursday, October 22, 2009

RIP compakt disques

Early to meet a couple friends, I decided to kill some time in HMV. I followed the escalator upstairs to the music section and was perusing the rows and stacks of CDs. There were some good bargains 90's music compilations and there was a big sale on Neil Young albums. Walking around the 'rock & pop' section I looked up and glanced around me. There were probably a dozen or so other people on the music floor but I was the youngest by at least 10 years. And as I looked at a Katy Perry album I realized that most of my generation were getting all this music with just a few clicks of the mouse on their computer. Older generations are probably not as technically inept as we sometimes assume them to be, but maybe they still hold that appreciation for the physical CD. There were definitely albums I thought of buying, but then realized I could download it online (...and for free). Our recognition of music as a tangible entity has completely disappeared as music has become more accessible as a simple file we can click. There is no longer a need for a bulky, leather CD case. Even mixtapes these days are created somewhere in cyberspace. I'd like to eulogize the CD. Though you were frustrating with your scratches and sometimes skipped in the car stereo, you were faithful and always said just the right thing.
RIP the CD.

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  1. your blog kicks ass. RIP THE CD! also, just talked about bright star in my lit class (keats was a serious dude).