Thursday, October 22, 2009

Let It Go by State Radio

A few weeks ago, State Radio released their newest album. The boys seem to have found a harmonious balance between their heavy rock tones (much influenced by Mike Najarian) and Chad Urmston's reggae alternative roots. "Bohemian Grove" and "Evolution" instantly have you bobbing your head and grooving along, where as "Mansin Humanity" and "Held Up By Wires" have a heavier guitar sound. Chad's sweet voice and socially (even politically) fueled lyrics are still as good and strong as the State Radio sampler I received at "The Last Dispatch." The trifecta has done it again. Let It Go consists of twelve songs, but for only five more dollars, you can buy the forty-one song version. I recommend the latter because you haven't experienced State Radio until you've seen (or heard) them live. This second version of Let It Go contains thirty live songs, many of which Chad explains the meaning of. Many of their songs have seemingly bizarre allusions, so it's interesting and refreshing to hear the artists' thought process on such songs.

Show some love and just buy the album.
But if you want a free sample first, eat this.

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