Thursday, October 15, 2009

Looking Forward To...

Having something to look forward to can make the classes, the essays, and even the rain more bearable. What I am excited for in the near future:

1. The London Film Festival. I have tickets to Bright Star (Jane Campion, Abbie Cornish), A Serious Man (Joel & Ethan Coen, Michael Stuhlbarg), and The Boys are Back (Scott Hicks, Clive Owen). Yay!

2. Apple Day. Borough Market and Southwark Cathedral, London. Sunday October 25th.

3. Passion Pit concert in London at Koko on Oct 28th.

4. Halloween. Happy to learn that the Brits have adopted the primarily American holiday. Now only if I had a costume...

5. Eurotrip. Ten days to days to do Paris, Amsterdam, and Berlin. Adventures welcome.

6. Tim Burton at the MoMA (new york city). This of course will have to wait until I'm back from London, but from November 22nd to April 26th, the MoMa will have two exhibits on Tim Burton's work. One a gallery of his drawings and another of his film works.

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