Saturday, July 31, 2010

in need of color.

someone showed me this and i thank them

Mark Ronson & The Business INTL "Bang Bang Bang" from Warren Fu on Vimeo.

Fine Clothing

Everyone has jumped on the Mad Men bandwagon now that the fourth season has premiered (myself included, but I've been riding since the beginning). But what's impressed me more than anything is how the fashion and style of the show has taken over. Every magazine has had an article on how to dress like the characters on Mad Men. How to look bodacious like Joan, suave like Don, or elegant like Betty. Even the displays of Banana Republic have been fashioned to resemble the show in hopes of attracting more customers. And as I strolled by the giant face of January Jones in one of these Banana Republic windows, I thought about the true differences between us and them. Everyone on Mad Men is impeccably put together (granted that's due to their skilled wardrobe staff), not a cufflink or necklace is out of place. Collars are starched, dresses are wrinkless, and not a hair is dares to misbehave. I think the biggest difference is that people today just don't care about looking so pristine. Now styles are even anti-perfection. It's hip to look messy yet put together, to look like you just-threw-this-on though it's a planned outfit. We all have the potential to look like Roger or Peggy but this fashion ideology is a generational gap that I don't think can be breached.

Sunday, July 18, 2010

radio's not dead.

I've currently been suffering from music ennui. Nothing can satisfy me and I feel as I've heard it all, I crave something new and electrifying. My playlists bore me and I am constantly pressing next. When in this state I have recently decided to leave it to the professionals. The radio artists. Sometimes I desire Top 40 (the poppy goodness that this country was built on), so I'll stream Baltimore's Z1043, but my recent savior is 89.3 The Current from Minnesota Public Radio. I may have my preconceived notions about Minnesota, but I cannot lie, this station rocks. Just stream it on your computer and it's all taken care of for you. Broadcasted from St. Paul, they boast "the best authentic new music alongside the music that inspired it, from local to legendary, indie to influential, new to nostalgic." What's better than that? I get my kicks from songs I already know and keep a pen and paper nearby to write down new songs that I like. The best part is the eclectic variety of songs they choose. For example, The Black Key's "The Only One" just played and now it's on to Buck Owens' "Act Naturally." Earlier today I heard some Prince, Bowie, Mumford & Sons, and Rhymefest.

If you're feeling some summer music blues try 89.3. Another good radio station I suggest (that can be streamed through your iTunes) is KEXP 90.3 from Seattle.


Some people love vintage shopping, finding retro clothes that were worn with love and have personality. Some hate it, "why would I pay that much for someone's old clothes?" After perusing some vintage stores in New York, I think I belong to both categories. I found some awesome, radical shirts (a white tank with neon writing) and pants (ripped up acid wash jeans) but then I looked at the prices...$22 and $65 respectively...GAH! I ended up buying an awesome vintage Red Sox tank top for $18...the owner of the store assured me it was a bargain because it was originally $28 (real reassuring...). I think the top was worth it but when is vintage clothing worth the money and when is it just better to buy something new?

For those who can't kick the habit, check out these stores:
Zachary's Smile
9 Greenwich Ave, NYC
Star Struck Vintage Clothing
47 Greenwich Ave, NYC

Thursday, July 8, 2010

Sky, One More Time

Sky Ferreira's newest song and music video, "One."
This song comes of what is to be her new album, but still waiting to hear when that will be released. She promises the album will be a sampling of different types of pop songs. I guess in the meantime we can get our fix from these singles and keep admiring her hair.

Sunday, July 4, 2010

the new it accessory?

Lately I've noticed a large number of people caring around umbrellas at the slightest hint of rain. Sure this is logical, but I usually stuff my small umbrella into my purse and hope I don't have to use it. Instead, it seems that people are proud of their umbrellas and want to flaunt them. These umbrella lovers are not ashamed and don't hide them in their bags, but carry them in their hand. Men in lux suits carry long black umbrellas with curved handles, the euro-savvy tote clear domed umbrellas, hipsters hold neon colored or patterned umbrellas, the chic carry plain black or navy umbrellas, and tourists clutch their bright yellow or royal blue umbrellas because they don't fit in their fanny packs (they are unknowingly part of this trend). I can't say if this demographic is hoping for rain to show off their brellies, but either way the umbrella is becoming a new must-have accessory.

Get yours:

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