Wednesday, October 7, 2009

fashion fashion everywhere

With everyone telling us where to look for fashion cues, which cities can we actually trust?
Five cities claim to be the "Fashion Capital of the World." But who really has the title? Is it all opinion and sense of style? Or is it solely based on which designers are the most prolific and significant?

Every city seems to have a different style for sure but just because one has more acclaim than another, doesn't necessarily mean we should be dressing in their trends. Fashion is subjective. And though I love trends and runway shows and everything fashion-y, I find it hard to be told where to look for "the best fashion." In London leggings are vogue, so is wearing mini shorts with tights. These are trends I don't have any affinity for, though some girls can pull them off very well. Does this make me unfashionable?

I have no conclusion or answer to my question. Just food for thought. With everyone telling us how to dress, who to admire, and where to go, sometimes we need some direction of our own...even if that means being completely gauche.

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