Sunday, July 18, 2010


Some people love vintage shopping, finding retro clothes that were worn with love and have personality. Some hate it, "why would I pay that much for someone's old clothes?" After perusing some vintage stores in New York, I think I belong to both categories. I found some awesome, radical shirts (a white tank with neon writing) and pants (ripped up acid wash jeans) but then I looked at the prices...$22 and $65 respectively...GAH! I ended up buying an awesome vintage Red Sox tank top for $18...the owner of the store assured me it was a bargain because it was originally $28 (real reassuring...). I think the top was worth it but when is vintage clothing worth the money and when is it just better to buy something new?

For those who can't kick the habit, check out these stores:
Zachary's Smile
9 Greenwich Ave, NYC
Star Struck Vintage Clothing
47 Greenwich Ave, NYC

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