Sunday, July 18, 2010

radio's not dead.

I've currently been suffering from music ennui. Nothing can satisfy me and I feel as I've heard it all, I crave something new and electrifying. My playlists bore me and I am constantly pressing next. When in this state I have recently decided to leave it to the professionals. The radio artists. Sometimes I desire Top 40 (the poppy goodness that this country was built on), so I'll stream Baltimore's Z1043, but my recent savior is 89.3 The Current from Minnesota Public Radio. I may have my preconceived notions about Minnesota, but I cannot lie, this station rocks. Just stream it on your computer and it's all taken care of for you. Broadcasted from St. Paul, they boast "the best authentic new music alongside the music that inspired it, from local to legendary, indie to influential, new to nostalgic." What's better than that? I get my kicks from songs I already know and keep a pen and paper nearby to write down new songs that I like. The best part is the eclectic variety of songs they choose. For example, The Black Key's "The Only One" just played and now it's on to Buck Owens' "Act Naturally." Earlier today I heard some Prince, Bowie, Mumford & Sons, and Rhymefest.

If you're feeling some summer music blues try 89.3. Another good radio station I suggest (that can be streamed through your iTunes) is KEXP 90.3 from Seattle.

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