Saturday, July 31, 2010

Fine Clothing

Everyone has jumped on the Mad Men bandwagon now that the fourth season has premiered (myself included, but I've been riding since the beginning). But what's impressed me more than anything is how the fashion and style of the show has taken over. Every magazine has had an article on how to dress like the characters on Mad Men. How to look bodacious like Joan, suave like Don, or elegant like Betty. Even the displays of Banana Republic have been fashioned to resemble the show in hopes of attracting more customers. And as I strolled by the giant face of January Jones in one of these Banana Republic windows, I thought about the true differences between us and them. Everyone on Mad Men is impeccably put together (granted that's due to their skilled wardrobe staff), not a cufflink or necklace is out of place. Collars are starched, dresses are wrinkless, and not a hair is dares to misbehave. I think the biggest difference is that people today just don't care about looking so pristine. Now styles are even anti-perfection. It's hip to look messy yet put together, to look like you just-threw-this-on though it's a planned outfit. We all have the potential to look like Roger or Peggy but this fashion ideology is a generational gap that I don't think can be breached.

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