Sunday, July 4, 2010

the new it accessory?

Lately I've noticed a large number of people caring around umbrellas at the slightest hint of rain. Sure this is logical, but I usually stuff my small umbrella into my purse and hope I don't have to use it. Instead, it seems that people are proud of their umbrellas and want to flaunt them. These umbrella lovers are not ashamed and don't hide them in their bags, but carry them in their hand. Men in lux suits carry long black umbrellas with curved handles, the euro-savvy tote clear domed umbrellas, hipsters hold neon colored or patterned umbrellas, the chic carry plain black or navy umbrellas, and tourists clutch their bright yellow or royal blue umbrellas because they don't fit in their fanny packs (they are unknowingly part of this trend). I can't say if this demographic is hoping for rain to show off their brellies, but either way the umbrella is becoming a new must-have accessory.

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