Monday, September 12, 2011

Tacombi // Nolita

267 Elizabeth Street, NYC

Literally stumbled upon this garage taqueria on the way to a different bar on Friday night. We never made it to the other place because Tacombi was too intriguing to keep walking past. Authentic Mexican food is cooked and served out of a vintage Volkswagon van (is van food the new truck food?),  horchata and aqua de jamaica is dispensed out of huge glass jars, and the cute orange faced mascot of Lupita soda winks at you from the whitewash wall.  The clientele and atmosphere was more laid back than most downtown spaces on a Friday night, but everyone was in good spirits sipping Mexican beer and eating their delectably good looking $3.69 tacos. I stuck only to horchata but will be back first chance I get for some poblanos -- dinner next weekend? Or breakfast?

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