Wednesday, September 14, 2011


poorly fitting jeans, old jeans that sag after wearing them for five minutes, and outdated jeans are simply the worst. jeans should be your go to on a bad day; they should make you feel put together but comfortable. jeans, now that i'm thankfully far out of my prep school days, are a necessary staple in my wardrobe. but last weekend i came to the realization - my favorite black jeans look more like the color of a fresh bruise and the hole in my blue jeans has become unsightly -- i needed new jeans. after being sorely disappointed with numerous designer brands, i thought, "why not try Gap?" always a good go-to circa 2002, right? well give me 1969 because Gap's soho "1969 Store" is incredible. they've done away with Gap's normal reflectively bright white walls for light wood, granite, and plants - and have decorated with more than anything, denim. the store is sleek - think Apple and denim's love child. it's a jean store that happens to sell some of other essentials (sweaters, shirts, etc.). i fell in love with two pairs that i'm extremely happy with, and i was far from the only one. every woman i saw trying on denim bought a pair. looks like Gap is back on the radar, but with only two 1969 stores in the country, they still think they have their work cut out for them. 

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