Tuesday, September 27, 2011

Everything is Going to be Alright: The ACE Hotel

I'm still somewhat of a newb to New York but take pride in my personal discoveries, even if they may not be cutting edge to the hippest echelon of New Yorkers. 

Thanks to my rad job, I recently had the pleasure of spending some solid time at the ACE Hotel. Though situated in one of my least favorite areas of Manhattan, the hotel emanates vibes of Shoreditch, London. It's dark, usually loud, and quite a scene. But most of the clientele seems not to notice or to care as they furiously type away on their Macbooks and drink coffee (courtesy of Stumptown, and very well priced). Most nights though there is a house or guest DJ/band playing and one of the downstair lounges often hosts special events, including film screenings.

ACE is flanked by the even more fabulous, including an Opening Ceremony store that connects to the lobby (you won't find I <3 NYC tees here), The Breslin, and The John Dory. All of the hotel's amenities, including a photobooth, give visitors little reason to leave...and why should they? They're still in Midtown. 

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