Monday, June 7, 2010

Lusting for Fjallraven

when i became set on getting myself a fjallraven backpack, it seemed that the swedish company was set against me having one. i couldn't order one online, when i hunted down stores in europe for them they were out of stock or not selling the right daypack. i was heartbroken, thinking the only way i'd get one of these awesome packs was by flying to sweden. i would be teased sporadically when i'd see some chic man or woman toting one around. i forgot about my dream, moving on to different bags and carrying choices. but recently my appetite grew, something jogged my memory of the backpack i once longed for. this time i set out online to find my love. well i was completely and utterly flabbergasted to find out that not only can i now order my sweet kanken through the company's website, but also that jcrew is selling them as part of their designer collection...oh and there is a solely fjallraven store in manhattan. when did this happen!? this week i will visit that store and i'm sure my jaw will drop, there may be drool involved. i cannot wait to get my fjallraven on!

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  1. Hey there,

    Well, we tried our hardest to keep you away from our stuff. But it seems like you have finaly found a way around our defenses.

    No, seriously, glad your lust just been growing stronger! Some things aer worth waiting for.

    If you decide to visit our shop on Montt Street, please give them our best regards from a sunny Sweden.

    Take care!
    Jerry, Fjällräven
    (if you like to get to know more of us, please enter our facebook page,