Tuesday, September 8, 2009

i got my money, let's spend it up

This summer the Black Eyed Peas released a new song called
"I've Gotta Feeling." The first time I heard it I thought it was The Jonas Brothers or some other teen-y band. The song is somewhat tamer, less sexual than some of their past songs, though seemingly catchy and just as popular as "Boom Boom Pow," "My Humps," and "Let's Get It Started."But there's another unusual thing about the song: the inclusion of Hebrew words like l'chaim and mazel tov. Words not often heard in Top 40 songs, they make "I've Gotta Feeling" seem like it's made for bar and bat mitzvahs. The song is played almost hourly on popular radio stations, and despite the Black Eyed Peas newer direction, there is no doubt that every Jewish 13 year-old will have this song playing at their bar/bat mitzvah parties this year.

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