Thursday, September 10, 2009

can you kick it?

stampd' LA

Chris Stamp created Stampd' LA after working for Conveyor at Fred Segal, where he custom designed sneakers. Working on a larger, more accessible and costumer-friendly level, Stampd' creates different designs that are silk-screened or printed onto different shoes. The sneaker patterns range from simplistic (with this fall's "White Slow" shoe) to vibrant colors (like the splatter paint-esque "Duffld" or this summer's "Red Slow). Though Stamp is making the shoes on a wider field than previously, only 100-200 of many of the styles are released worldwide, making them pretty hot commodities. The vibe and marketing of Stampd' is inebriating though. With their bright colors, young faces, and overall cool demeanor, Stampd' seems to be more of an art form, a style transforming footwear into much more than just foot protection. Footwear has become more and more in vogue recently, and Stampd' pushes it further, proving that shoes can be and are an art of their own.

Stampd' has been featured in many magazines, including those above.

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