Sunday, September 27, 2009

lovely mon story


Meta, Metee, and Nalina three artists who have collaborated to create Mon. Mon is a clothing and accessory line that combines delightfully original artwork with splashes of bright colors on wonderfully soft cottons. A photographer (Meta Decha), a ceramic artist (Metee Decha), and an illustrator (Nalina Tangkanokvitaya) work together to make a wide variety of dresses, tank tops, jewelry, and purses that stand out because of their graphics and colors. From hand drawings of cities literally exploding with color to sad caged birds to cherubs painting rainbows on Mon's shirts, sweatshirts, and purses to necklaces with ceramic cameras, floppy disks, and skulls, each piece is a work of art. No, really. Everything is hand made - hand drawn, hand printed, hand dyed. Since Mon's gotten larger, it is now based out of Thailand. But it still has a crew of faithfuls who hold down the fort in London for those looking to buy.


  1. Hello there - just wondering what 'Lovely Monstory's website is?