Tuesday, July 12, 2011

musical seasons

We all know that songs embody episodes and moments of our lives. Crazy by Gnarls Barkley transports me to turning off of Route 128 at exit 26 in Weston to one for my last days of high school. And I still feel like I'm standing on the plaza of my middle school with my discman in hand and headphones on every time I hear Jack Johnson's Bubble Toes. Songs can bring us back to specific emotions just as much as our feelings can effect how we feel about a song. A perfectly good song can be marred by an unpleasant or sad experience (see: breakup, death, graduation).

But I've recently realized that seasons can effect my music taste as well. I don't just mean that I like pop, upbeat songs more in the summer. But when I first hear a song it's instantly related to the season I listen to it in. Mumford & Sons/Sigh No More is winter (2010/2011). Vampire Weekend/Vampire Weekend is spring (2008). Florence & the Machine/Lungs is the winter melting into spring (2010). B.O.B/Leaders of the New Cool is the sticky summer (2009). And listening to these musicians in any other season seems inappropriate.

Still searching for summer 2011's band.

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