Tuesday, July 5, 2011

Beginners by Mike Mills

I've been following BEGINNERS for a while now, as I follow most things that Parts and Labor touches. The anticipation of seeing the film grew to the extent that I was sure I would be let down by whatever I saw. But I was not. I loved it. I've been a complete sucker lately for impossible love stories (meet cute - halloween party: he's Freud, she has laryngitis and can't speak, etc), but Mcgregor and Laurent's chemistry didn't disappoint - though between the two of them little could. If that whole nauseating beautiful love thing doesn't do it for you, then maybe you'll be happy that the film's pacing moves seamlessly back in time to when Oliver's (Mcgregor) father was alive. A newly out-of-the-closet 78 year old battling cancer, Christopher Plummer lifts most of the film out of its potential darkness and gives it light. The pace slows a bit near the end, but the movie redeems itself. And when the title card finally came just before the end credits (a subtle jab that we are all just beginners), I couldn't help but smiling.

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