Wednesday, December 2, 2009

I want to admonish myself for posting about music more than usual but what can I say? I love music. It knows what to say, it doesn't talk back, it can bring back memories and even feelings. So no shame in my current preoccupation with music. Here's what I'm into NOW.

One Red Thread - Blind Pilot
A friend recommended Blind Pilot to me because he knows about my soft spot for folk music. From the slow crescendo of the guitar into the peaceful lull of their voices, I was hooked. The chorus of the song is powerful but understated. Not quite as folksy as I can get but still quite good. I must explore Blind Pilot further.

Wear My Kiss - Sugababes
Judge as you may from the picture...or song title...or even the band name, but this stuff is addicting. It's sassy. And thought it may be a bit corny, it definitely imbues the listener with some spunk (but maybe that's just me).

Say Yes - Langhorne Slim
This one's getting his own post. Coming soon. Listen to Say Yes for now.

Day Glo - Iglu & Hartley
I highly doubt you've ever heard of these chaps. I hadn't, neither had my friend who happened upon their cd completely by chance (literally, she won it in an auction). Turns out they're a "pop rock" band from LA (if that picture didn't give it away). Extreme pop mixed with some white boy rapping sums them up pretty well. They've got a late '80s flare and are pretty damn catchy. A good song to listen to before a night out.

Blood Bank - Bon Iver
Bon Iver's silky, yet husky soothing voice conjures bizarre yet beautiful images. His songs tell stories of people meeting, love, and heartbreak. He manipulates breaks in the music to maximize the listener's attention, but never overdoes it. His songs are beautiful and understated.

Release Me - Agnes
While visiting a friend in Rome this song was constantly on repeat. Her friends declared it her anthem, she called it her soundtrack. And I promptly adopted it upon my return. It may be meant for the dance floor but Agnes can serenade me anytime. The quick beat gets me moving and puts me in a great mood every time. If Sugababes have sass, then Agnes has gumption and chutzpah, and makes her audience feel that too. I will put a pop warning on this: not for anyone hates the bubblegum genre.

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