Thursday, December 10, 2009

Girl Meets Dress

How many black-tie events do you really go to? And to the few you are luckily invited to, are you really going to wear the same dress? Is it worth dishing out hundreds on a new dress to wear only once? No. It's not. You have to save your money for more practical things than ball gowns, even though they may be the most fun.

Well, lucky European and UK girls can now rent their party dresses (and bags). Girl Meets Dress's tagline is Borrow, Party!, Return. Good deal. 3. 1 Philip Lim dresses can be rented from £69 to £169, Diane Von Furstenberg from £60-£100. There's a wide variety of designers to suit almost anyone's taste and dresses for all different occasions. Whether you're looking for a cute cocktail dress, a sophisticated floor length ballgown, or a dress for a daytime affair, you'll find it on Girl Meets Dress.

All you have to do to "hire" a dress is chose your style and size, how many nights you'll want it for (price goes up the longer you have it), fill out the billing and shipping information, and the dress will be sent to you for free! Once you've done your partying it you can simply ship it back in the prepaid package that's provided and voila! You've had a fabulous night (or day) in a fabulous outfit, and you don't have to eat bread and water for the next month to compensate for your splurge. Oh, did I mention this works for purses too?

Can this please come to the States? Is there one already here? I'd love to know...I do have a black-tie wedding to attend soon...

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