Tuesday, August 18, 2009

cigarettes & alcohol

AMC's Mad Men overthrew cable television three seasons ago when it first premiered. Such exquisitely written and directed shows are usually reserved for premium channels like HBO and Showtime. Mad Men reveals the grittiness and corruption of an era that is usually idealized for its white-picket fences, perfectly groomed families, and wholesomeness. But Matthew Weiner, the show's creator, explores the generation's infidelity, deceit, restlessness, and even alcoholism. Some of these are done more subtly than others. While the men on Madison Avenue are constantly cheating on their wives and making lewd comments to their secretaries, they are also always drinking and smoking. Mad Men's themes are perceptible in both the character's actions and inactions. The sets of the show are also magnificent; transporting the viewer into the venal offices of the ad men or to the restless housewife's domicile. The Golden Globes exemplify the show's popularity, Mad Men has won numerous awards in the last two years, including best television drama. The show is definitely one of the few things on the tube that doesn't make you feel as though your brain is leaking out of your ear.

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