Tuesday, July 28, 2009

urban bikes

urban outfitters has done clothes, housewear, books, art, and apartmentwear.
but apparently they're still bored because they've moved on to bikes.

yes, now urban outfitters has created a line of custom made bikes. you have the freedom to chose the color of everything from the frame to the chain. but is $399 too much for bike color freedom and staying green?

your choice. design your own here.

1 comment:

  1. I value a sense of person style and self expression and because of that I strongly resent urban outfitters. They choose clothing from a number of different brands and throw them together on a rack, telling you that if you buy their clothing you will be trendy. The fact that they have spread their inventory into apartment furnishings and even bicycles is even more frustrating, because they have made it so that choices that should display your style/fashion/expression have already been made by them. I'm not saying its wrong to buy a pair of jeans from the store, but it is important not to buy into their version of urban style otherwise you will lose your own sense of it.