Friday, December 2, 2011

Idiotic Things: iPhone Handsets

A handset that plugs into the earphone jack of your mobile phone.
It resembles the type of landline phone you had at your parents' house - no, not the cordless kind. 

Though the iPhone and other smart phones have undoubtedly revolutionized mobile technology, they have their cons. I personally miss being able to nuzzle my flip phone between my shoulder and ear, leaving both hands free to do whatever multi-tasking I see necessary. But this is a first-world problem that is not even worthy of complaining about, and should not be solved by buying one of these handsets. Those who do look absolutely ridiculous using them in public (I actually thought a businessman on the train was certifiably crazy for using one). If you're desperate and don't like your ear burning up from long calls on your cell then succumb, but only use it in the privacy of your home. The handset also defeats the purpose of our slick, thin phones that can go anywhere. The phone attachment is bulky and will take up an unacceptable amount of room in your purse or briefcase. 

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