Saturday, February 19, 2011

Things I've Learned This Week

This week was busy.
I'm taking a breather this Saturday night to reboot and work on a paper.
But this is what I learned this week.

  • The best way to kick a cold quickly is lots and lots of green tea, zinc, and sleep. Resisting a Wednesday night at CVP means stronger immune system.
  • It's hard to get people to give money, but free booze helps.
  • The best Valentine's night is getting goofy with a best friend.
  • Soup is easy to make and fun to improvise. Chicken broth and fresh-squeezed orange juice makes an incredible base to start from.
  • Georgetown, DC reminds me of Wellesley, MA but more congested. I'm glad I'm in Baltimore, but it's nice to know when I need to get away I can.
  • This song rocks - ((She's So Up/The Knux))

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