Sunday, September 5, 2010

Evolution of the Man Bag

First it was the man purse, then the messenger bag. Sometimes even a duffle bag. The idea of a bag for a man who carries more than his wallet and cell has created numerous complications and discussions. When a briefcase is out of the question, men struggle to find the proper accessory to compliment their style while maintaining some semblance of masculinity. Which brings me to the newest trend: man totes. Women all cherish their totes and usually have a favorite. They're great for using as grocery bags, gym bags, beach bags, everyday bags, or even as school bags. But when a man hikes up his canvas tote around his shoulder and struts around I get a bit confused. Have straight men embraced the utilitarian ease of the tote too? Has the man purse gained a hipster flair? And is American Apparel responsible for creating this unisex wave?

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