Thursday, May 27, 2010

Mark Bittman, Culinary Crush

After reading the headlines of the New York Times, I go straight to the Style section. Some scoff at this, but it's in my nature! The fashions, the gardens, the homes, and the food captivate me! Above all others, the Dining & Wine section is by far my favorite. Last summer I stumbled upon what I found to be the most amazing list of recipes I had ever seen. New York Times columnist Mark Bittman (writer of The Minimalist) had compiled a list of 101 simple recipes for summer dining. These recipes are literally so simple that anyone could make them, and incredibly delicious. My summer staple became a shrimp and white bean dish (see below). As the lazy, muggy days have begun to descend, I am excited to turn back to Bittman's list. I have not gotten anywhere close to reaching all 101, but with my slower summer schedule maybe I'll get closer.

Check out Bittman's column for more delicious recipes, and his website for cooking tips and the like. Bittman has a way of making everyone feel like they can cook something great...which I happen to believe is true.

Fresh Summer Staple:
Open a can of white beans and combine with olive oil, salt, small or chopped shrimp, minced garlic and thyme leaves in a pan. Cook, stirring, until the shrimp are done; garnish with more olive oil.

- I like to serve this over whole wheat spaghetti or a big bed of lettuce
- Adding some halved cherry tomatoes gives it a brighter color and some more flavor; also good with sliced mushrooms or kalamata olives

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