Wednesday, April 28, 2010

birth of cool

I once took a class called "The Concept of Cool and Its Circulation." It was an anthropology class in which we read lofty theorists' views of "cool." Their ideas rather muddled the already elusive notion and gave no conclusive definition of what it takes or means to be cool. I suppose that makes sense because the idea is completely subjective, but as someone who has always been obsessed with the concept (or rather the concept of not being cool) the class wholly bothered me. I am still on my search of cool and I recently stumbled upon this rad site, which I fell for. It's called "the impossible cool." I'm not sure if that refers to it being impossible to be as cool as the men photographed on the site or if being cool is altogether impossible. (I lean toward the latter.) Either way, this blog somewhat poses that to be cool you must be iconic-ly gorgeous and wear a mean pout. I'll work on that asap.

But the impossible cool's newest site presents a more diplomatic approach: "A Conversation on Cool." This idea of cool is offered, along with some others:
Cool is effortless. Cool is soulful, an inner peace and calm within that’s radiated outward. Cool isn’t afraid to say or do anything. The uncool is. Cool is magnetic.

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