Thursday, May 21, 2009

nowadays folk would rather rap than go to school

there are few people's musical judgments that i trust. so when a friend of mine with impeccable taste in music told me about a new Atlanta rapper, B.O.B, i was eager to listen. and i'm glad i did. i know very little about rap, so i'll let his own bio do the explaining, but i urge everyone to listen to this guy. he is absolutely great. and now that's finally summer, this is the perfect music to listen to on the beach, at a party, wherever the weather is warm.

"B.o.B has a unique talent in that he produces, writes, raps, arranges, and mixes his own music. He is a one stop music creation shop from top to bottom. This allows B.o.B the rare opportunity of recording with reckless abandon. It is a freedom that he willingly accepts. 'I am constantly coming up with songs and concepts because I want to sound different. Nobody made it by sounding like everyone else.' This unique sound caught the attention of two industry heavyweights, Jim Jonsin and TJ Chapman, who are poised to make the rest of the world believers."

"At the age of 17, B.o.B is already well on his way by co-producing and dropping a verse on the “Showstopper (Remix)” by P. Diddy’s Danity Kane featuring Pitbull. Plus, B.o.B has a vault of music with close to 100 songs to choose from for his upcoming Rebel Rock/Atlantic release. And the Southern music mouthpiece Ozone Magazine has already featured B.o.B it its prestigious Patiently Waiting to blow section. (Click this link to read it yourself - ). Not to mention, the radio legend, Greg Street has already begun playing B.o.B’s “Cloud 9” five times in one shift on Atlanta’s V103.

B.o.B’s knows for his star to rise, he must tread 'along a very cold road and wherever it ends or begins I do not know.' But, one thing is for certain, B.o.B is a one to one… there’s never Been One Before and there’ll never Be One Beyond."

my favorites: mellow fellow and i'll be in the sky

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  1. The comparisons to Andre 3000 may seem a bit premature, but this kid has talent. He can jam on the guitar like a motherfucker and so far his lyrics have been energetic, sincere and even thoughtful--without venturing into the overly "conscious hip-hop" movement (guys like Talib who I appreciate but who often sound pretty trite). Bobby Ray's toughest challenge is going to be carving out a niche for himself, like how OutKast did. Unfortunately, there isn't a whole lot of uncharted territory in rap, but I think he has a good start at least as a breath of fresh air and a break from all the Autotune and other BS. He hasn't even released his album yet, check for it soon.