Thursday, April 30, 2009

still cool after all these years?

Let's face it. U2 has been around forever and, hey, they deserve it. Who could ever lose their love for those Irishmen? They were the first concert I ever saw, and a truly amazing experience to see live.

I recently rekindled my love for U2, as I do for so many bands while I lose myself on concentrating finding the newest, trendiest music. I mentioned this to a friend and she commented on how even though U2 isn't "cool" to listen to, she will never stop loving them. U2 is uncool?! I thought. How could Bono, the King of Shades, ever be uncool? Perhaps it isn't their music that is uncool but liking them instead. For our parents' generation, U2 will always be cool because they grew up with them and serenaded them in their early adult years, but what about for us? Are we so consumed with finding the "hippest" music today that we've deemed some of the best bands ever as uncool and dated?

A sad day when this occurs indeed. But for me, I'll keep playing "Sunday, Bloody Sunday" and rocking out to "Elevation," even if it does means I'm uncool.

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